Successful Persuasion Tactics The 5 Best Tried, Tested & Proven Selling Strategies That Could Boost Your Sales By More Than 500%      Selling Strategy #1 – Problem Recognition When you fully understand WHY customers purchase specific products, you will know how to sell more of the same, and not just to them, but to many more new customers. Many people buy products because the product solves a problem they might have. However, many marketers don’t fully appreciate the customer’s perspective on this or simply their point of view. Here’s how I best explain this. In general, when there is a void between where the customer is right now and where they really want to be, a market exists for the product. That doesn’t mean that the customer will then automatically buy the product. It only means you have recognised a need for the product. You have to then recognise the actual problem and how your product will address the problem in a way that satisfies the cus